Friday, April 6, 2012


I learned something new today.

Going through the CDs I got on Freecycle, I came across several various artists compilations with the word "Trance" in the title.  Eventually I realized (and my sister-in-law confirmed), that "Trance" is a genre of music. Of course, I am behind the times, having now learned the Trance developed in the 1990s,so it's not exactly new.

At any rate, I don't like it. I find the sound annoying, and vaguely discomforting. Listening to it, I envision a club full of twenty-somethings doing ecstacy. Alternatively, it reminds me of any number of stores I've been in -- record stores, trendy clothing stores, skateboard shops -- that play the music in the background because studies have shown that people listening to it will buy more stuff.

In case anyone reading this (assuming there is someone reading this) isn't familiar with the music, and wants to get an idea, here's a video that should help.

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