Sunday, April 15, 2012

a nice coincidence

A few posts ago, I wrote about Janey Street. She'll be performing a house concert at the end of the month. Bear in mind that I haven't seen her name in the media for years (unless you count things like Youtube or CDBaby, when I purposely looked her up).

So, less than a week after I got the invite to her house concert, I am looking through the Queens Tribune, a weekly newspaper in Queens. There's a teaser on the cover about Janis Ian coming to give her first performance in Queens. Inside I see there's an interview with her. Instead of reading from the beginning of the article, I started in the middle, with the question: "How do you feel about performing in Queens?" In her response, she said that "my best friend Janey Street is from Flushing; we used to meet under the clock all the time."

By the way, I note that that bit about meeting under the clock was a nice tip of the hat to Janey's single, "Under the Clock."

Nice coincidence.

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