Wednesday, April 25, 2012

i didn't see the basher

Nick Lowe performed in New York tonight. I didn't go. The cheap tickets were $50. The good seats were $65.

Nick Lowe is one of my favorite singers. The first concert I ever went to was Nick Lowe. Technically it was Tom Petty, and Nick Lowe was the opening act. But I went to see Nick, and left when Petty took the stage. That was at the Nassau Colliseum, and he was promoting The Abominable Showman. Since then I saw Nick perform at the Ritz when he was supporting The Rose of England. I was in college and reviewed that concert for the campus newspaper. I also saw Nick as part of Little Village, supporting that band's dissapointing eponymous album.

But I haven't seen Nick in concert during this, the old crooner phase of his career, since he reinvented himself. He's come to New York a few times, and every time there's some reason or other that I don't make it to the show. And each time, I wonder if I was foolish for not going. At Nick's age, and at this stage of his career, and his having abused his body as much as he has, each tour could be the last.

But this time the tickets just seemed pricier than I wanted to pay. And maybe it's just as well since I was too tired today to enjoy a concert.

And still...

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