Friday, April 27, 2012

fruit fly

A friend on Facebook posted this video:

It's from the movie, Fruit Fly, a movie musical dealing with ethnic and sexual politics in the arts community in San Francisco. In the interests of full disclosure, I should note that H.P. Mendoza, who wrote and directed the movie, is a friend of mine (his boyfriend and my wife have been friends for something like 25 years). My favorite aspect is the music. In case you're interested, the movie is (for a limited time) showing for free on Hulu. Go here.

Following are a couple more videos of songs from Fruit Fly:

I'm sorry I couldn't find a video for one of my favorite songs. In "Like This," Bethesda describes her performance art show to Windham. It has a very Gilbert and Sullivan feel to it. I assume Mendoza is aware of that, but I have to wonder if he purposely set out to copy G&S's style, or if it just shook out that way.

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