Friday, April 13, 2012

amusing post on reddit

I find this kind of amusing.

Somebody posted on Reddit, that he had just learned about Nick Lowe naming a record Bowi in response to David Bowie naming an album Low.

Fine. there were lots of responses from people praising Nick Lowe, or praising David Bowie, or making some other more-or-less relevant comment.

But then it started. Someone posted the following:
David Bowie used incredibly prolific and meaningful career.
It's super-effective.
Nick Lowe is confused.
Nick Lowe hurt itself in its confusion.
Nick Lowe is irrelevant.
I'm puzzled by the fact the poster felt the need to present this comment with one sentence per line. It almost appears as poetry. But the meaning, which can summed up as "Bowie is great. Lowe isn't," is quite clear. And the debate ensued, with people arguing about Nick Lowe's place in rock and roll history.

You know, way back when I cared about baseball I liked Jerry Koosman. He was a good pitcher. But he was no Tom Seaver.

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