Wednesday, February 29, 2012

memories of colorwar

It's funny how memory works. I can't remember a joke I heard yesterday. But a colorwar song from summer camp, 35 (or so) years ago can force itself into my head and I can't shake it. As part of a group, I had to sing this over and over until we knew it cold. But, after colorwar was over -- what? a week later? -- I haven't had to sing it since. We were at Camp Moshava, our team was "salt" and the other team was "sugar." The song was sung to the tune of "Anachnu" Na'avor" ("We Shall Pass") by the Duda'im -- an Israeli pop song from 1967. It was specifically from the Six-Day War, and it was a proud declaration that we will get through the Straits of Tiran. I still remember every word of the colorwar song:

We put a lot of salt
On everything we eat.
And that is why we are
The team that can't be beat.
We have lots of ru'ach
Because we are malu'ach
Sugar is sweet but salt is neat!
Anachnu na'aleh
B'col sheh na'aseh
Malu'ach hachi tovah
B'macabe'at Moshava
Malu'ach, white and brown
We never let you down.
And that is why we say
We're sure to win today.
So let us stand and shout
We'll empty sugar out!
Sugar is sweet but salt is neat!
Anachnu na'aleh...
For the record, "ru'ach" means spirit and "malu'ach" means salty.

The chorus, translated means:
We shall excel
In everything we do
Malu'ach is the best
In Moshava's colorwar.
All these years later, I still remember this as well as any song I've ever learned.

You can hear the original song here:


  1. When I saw the title, before I clicked on the post, that was the first colorwar song that popped into my head. I remember a bunch of others too.