Sunday, May 20, 2012

now i've heard the snakes

One band that I'd never heard (live or on record) is The Snakes. After the breakup of Ducks Deluxe, Nick Garvey formed the Snakes. From what I'd heard they recorded one single before calling it quits (after which Nick formed The Motors with his formwer Ducks Deluxe bandmate Andy McMasters). But I'd never heard that single.

So this evening I was browsing Youtube and found the Snakes' version of the Randy Newman song, "Have You Seen My Baby." It's audio-only, but that's OK:

After that, I made a conscious effort to find the Snakes -- I found the one above when I was searching for Ducks Deluxe. So I have now found two more:

Now the only question I have is where did that "Have You Seen My Baby" come from if they only did the one single (which I presume was "Teenage Head" b/w "Little Queenie." My best guess is that they recorded "...Baby" but had never released it and it eventually ended up on Light Up The Dynamite which is a Dutch compilation of various artists.

"Teenage Head" has never been one of my favorite Flamin' Groovies' songs, and I'm not particularly crazy about this version. But at least I got to hear it.

UPDATE: Just noticed that the cover from the Snakes' single (as shown in two of the above videos) was "Teenage Head" b/w "Lights Out." So I was wrong, above, when I guessed that the b-side was Little Queenie. I can't find their version of "Lights Out" on Youtube, and it does make me wonder where that recording of "Little Queenie" came from. I guess the search continues.

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