Sunday, May 13, 2012

followup on run joey run

I have a couple of followup comments regarding yesterday's post about the David Geddes song, "Run Joey Run."

First, I went to grad school at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. There is a street there, called Geddes Avenue. I remember when I first got to Ann Arbor and saw Geddes Avenue, I thought "Just like the singer." And for the two years I was there I referred to it as "David Geddes Avenue" -- as in "Take Washtenaw until you hit David Geddes Avenue." Just one of those little jokes I go with that very few people (if any) know what they're about. While I was writing yesterday's post I looked David Geddes up on Wikipedia to make sure I had my facts straight. Turns out that David, whose real surname was Idema, had gone to the Unibversity of Michigan and takenm "Geddes" as a stage name after the street in Ann Arbor. So I was closer than I realized.

Second, At some point in the 1990's (I don't remember exactly when), the New York Post ran an article about bad pop songs. I sent them a letter to the editor (which they printed) in which I questioned their omission of "Run Joey Run" from the list. One evening after the letter was printed (maybe it was that night, I don't know) I got a call from a woman congratulating me on the letter. She told me that she had met the song's author at a party and he was very pompous, bragging about it. She was glad to see that others realized how bad the song was. I think she was drunk when she called me.

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