Thursday, May 10, 2012

in the janey street fan club

Well, I am officially a member of the Janey Street fan club. My mebership package came in the mail today. It includes an autographed picture (which, unfortunately got damaged in the mail), a janey Street hat and (the reason I joined) a copy of her first solo album, Heroes, Angels & Friends on CD. I'm not a big fan club kind of guy, but I wanted the album on CD. It has never been officially released on CD, and Janey doesn't own the rights so she can't sell it. But she can give copies to her fans.

This record is as great as I remember it -- better in fact. There is a strong Bruce Springsteen influence, and it just rocks. I'd also like to retract something I said in earlier posts. Specifically, I implied that the songwriting here is immature compared to her nmore recent works. It isn't. The topics represent someone younger, but the songwriting is crisp.

I can't recommend this album enough

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