Tuesday, July 1, 2014

an earwig from wyoming

So, thanks to my sister I have a very annoying earwig that I can't get rid of.

We were reminiscing over old times, and she asked if I remember, years ago at summer camp, there were some counselors who used to always sing about Wyoming. Singing, I didn't remember. But I did remember chanting. There was one year that a contingent from Wyoming would interrupt every Sabbath meal with chants of "Wyoming! Why Not?" or "We're going to Wyoming! How 'bout you?"

But my sister remembered singing, and could recall the specific song:

Ma tov le'echol
Et ha'donut hole
B'eretz Wyoming

Essentially, it means "How good is it to eat a donut hole in the land of Wyoming?" Obviously, it was mostly Hebrew, with a few strategic words in English. And it was such a beautiful melody. I can totally see it as being sung during the dancing at the Sabbath meals. Heck, the melody probably is from one of the regular sabbath songs.

Of course, we couldn't leave well enugh alone. We wrote another verse:

Ma to li'shtot
Et ha'root beer float
Be'eretz Arkansas

This translates to "How good it is to drink a root beer float in the land of Arkansas."

Add an emphatic "Amen" after it, and you've got an earwig that I can't shake.

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