Sunday, June 29, 2014

please support bobtown's new kiockstarter project

I've written about Bobtown before. It's hard to describe them, so I'll just quote their website:

Drawing on field hollers, gospel music, folk songs, pop melodies and bluegrass harmonies, Bobtown reinvents American choral music for the 21st century to create a unique and compelling blend of voices and instruments that move gracefully between elegy and celebration.

I have both of their existing albums, and I've seen them in concert a few times -- I would love to see them more often, but job and family keep interfering. They're clever and innovative, and fun to listen to. But that describes a lot of bands. Bobtown is also interesting. The influence of the field hollers makes them unique among New York-area bands.

The reason for this post is to plead with anyone reading this to support their new Kickstarter project. Bobtown has gathered the necessary material for their third album (A History of Ghosts), and I want it to see the light of day. I've gone to their Kickstarter project and pledged. Won't you?

To read more about Bobtown, check out their website.

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