Friday, January 27, 2012

here comes the solo

I guess I’m just perpetually behind, but I only now heard about the lost guitar solo that George Harrison recorded for “Here Comes theSun.” The Living in the Material World (Note: the link I just provided is to the DVD released in the British format. The only reason I didn't link to the American format is that I couldn't find it on Amazon.) documentary includes footage of Harrison’s son in the studio with George and Giles Martin, listening to recordings from the session that produced the Beatles classic. The solo is one of the things they hear. You can see it in the following clip, with the solo starting at just about the one minute mark.

It’s a well-played solo, and musically very interesting. But it just doesn’t sound right to me; it’s not in keeping with the general tone of the song. An old friend once said, there are usually reasons why those alternate and unused takes remained alternate and unused. He was right (said the guy who buys every damn rerelease of every Monkees album as soon as Rhino puts it out so he can hear…).

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