Sunday, September 6, 2015

what happened to dave edmunds' guitar

Anyone who knows me or follows this blog (and, honestly, is there anyone who follows this blog and doesn't know me?) knows that I'm a big Dave Edmunds fan.

There's something I've been wondering about for a while...Dave's guitar.

For the longest time, Dave was associated with one specific guitar -- IIRC it was a Gibson ES335. It wasn't the only guitar he played, but it seemed to be his go to instrument, and that view is supported by numerous comments in interviews. It's what he's playing in the clip below:

But in recent years -- and I mean for more than a decade -- I don't see him plaing that guitar.

In videos, or concert footage it always seems to be something else.

Here, performing with the Refreshments, he's playing a Telecaster:
And here, in the video for "Again," it's a Stratocaster:
So, what happened? Did his taste change? Or did the Gibson get lost or stolen? Did he fly United with it?

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