Wednesday, July 3, 2013

latest order from amazon

Today saw the arrival of a couple of albums that I ordered on Amazon. I hjaven't been able to listen to either one yet, so I can't comment on the music.

The Album After the Last One by the Toy Dolls is (to my knowledge) the band's most recent release. The one before it was called Our Last Album. Looks like their sense of humor is holding up. The song titles are classic Toy Dolls: "Credit Crunch Christmas," "Dirty Doreen" and "Don't Drive Yer Car Up Draycott Avenue." None of them matches my favorites, but they're pretty good. Also, the booklet insert includes lyrics and some great crisp clear concert photos.

Life on the Line by Eddie and the Hot Rods is a CD-reissue of the second-generation pub rock band. It has most of what is the band's strongest material -- "Quit This Town," "Telephone Girl" and their best-known track, "Do Anything You Wanna Do." As with other reissues on the Captain Oi! label, there are plenty of bonus tracks. A couple of them are listed as being "with Robin Tyner," so I'll have to look up who Robin Tyner is. Also typical of Captain Oi! rereleases, this has liner notes that are at once interesting and annoying. I'm surprised that I hadn't bought this reissue before now -- especially since I have a couple of compilations on CD that are really just inferior to this album. FWIW, their first album Teenage Depression, was also a great disc.

Here's a video from the Toy Dolls album:

And one from Eddie:

And, for the record, my favorite song titles from The Toy Dolls are "The Ashbrooke Launderette (You'll Stink, Yer Clothes'll Shrink, Yer Whites'll Be as Black as Ink)" "If You're in a Pop Group You'll End Up Paying a Fortune Practicing at Peter Practice's Practice Place" and "Queen Alexandra Road is Where She Said She'd Be, But Was She There to Meet Me…No Chance"

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