Sunday, February 17, 2013

planning with eric and amy

I went upstate yesterday to attend another Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby house concert (i.e., concert at their house) yesterday.

Before going upstate I emailed them. I still have to record with them, pursuant to their Kickstarter campaign. It's been months, and I've put off contacting them about it. So I typed an email.

I felt I had to explain where I was coming from, since they had expressed surprise when I explained that I'm not a performer. I didn't realize when I learned of the campaign that the chance to record with them was aimed at performers who want recordings of themselves performing. As a longtime fan of Eric's and a songwriter, my thought was "Wow! I can have a recording of Wreckless Eric singing one of my songs. Ultimately I realized that it would be better to have them do a demo of a new song. I pushed hard to finish writing "Five Missing One," and made a rough demo of that with HP when we were on vacation. But meanwhile, on vacation I started writing another song,which I would rather not name yet. Let's just call it WASAM. I think WASAM is better suited to Eric's and Amy's style, since I hear it as a  Nashville type song. Also, it's a positive topic, which my wife prefers. Finally, of course, I have a decent rough demo of "Five Missing One' so I'm better off recording something else wuith them One irony is that the new song is something I hear being sung in a female voice, so it'll probably be Amy's lead vocal. The real catch, though, is that I don't have the dang song completely written. Since I'm doing this to sell my sogwriting, I need to have a complete song. Not that I would mind sharing a copyright with them, but I don't think that's what they're into.

Anyway, the email explained most of that. I showed it to my wife to make sure there was nothing that could offend. She read it, then said to talk to them instead of sending the email. So I wrote a new email in which I asked if I could chat with them after the show. So after the show I talked to Amy and explained pretty much exactly what was in that email. She said they woul;dn't mind working with me to tocuh up a song that's mostly complete. And sharing a copyright, if warranted, is OK.

So what I have to do is make a really rough demo. I have a portable recorder that I bought just for this purpose. I'll email that to them with a lyric sheet.

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