Thursday, July 12, 2012

i can wrecord with wreckless — for a price

My wife found another Kickstarter campaign for me to get behind.

Wreckless Eric is one of my absolute favorite musicians. I should follow that up with a blogpost describing my history as a Wreckless Eric fan. Until then, take my word for it. Anyway, Eric and his wife, Amy Rigby, are working on their next album (it will be their third album together), and raising money on Kickstarter. The big thing for me is the reward for a $500 pledge:

Record a track with Eric & Amy at The Souther Domestic Facility — spend a day with us in our studio recording a track of your choice. If you don't have a song we'll help you write one. Take the lid off the mystery... See how we do it... come away sounding exactly like us... And if you need accomodation we'll put you up for the night. This offer is designed for individuals, not for bands without prior agreement. This reward includes a free download of the album.

So I can make a demo with Eric and Amy of one of my songs. A recording of a song I wrote, with one of my musical idols playing on it. Actually, I suspect he'll be singing too, since I can't sing on key or in tune. Maybe I'll end up with a usable demo (which would make this cheap for a usable demo), or maybe I'll come away with a recording that I love but that can't be used as a demo. Either way, it's an extravagant gift to myself. But I know that if I don't do this now, when I can, then I'll spend years kicking myself, that I missed a chance to record a track with Wreckless Eric.

Not sure which song I'll want to record. I've had thoughts of writing something new for the occaison -- especially since I have a couple works in progress. Maybe I can finish one of them off. Barring that, I'll probably bring demos and lyric sheets of everything I have and ask Eric and Amy what they would want to work with me on. And, I have the maybe-I'll win-the-lottery type of fantasy that they'll like one of my songs so much that they'll want to record it themselves for a future album. Amy Rigby is, afterall, known within the New York City C&W scene.

For now, here's the only "official" Wreckless Eric video I've been able to find on Youtube. Be aware that it's like 30 years old:

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