Wednesday, March 21, 2012

apb on the ooh ooh music happy tape

I used to have a cassette called The Ooh Ooh Music Happy Tape. I don't remember where I got it. It was a compilation of some sort, that I probably got with a magazine. I remember nothing about what was on it, except the first song. It was called "Just Glad," and following are the lyrics in their entirety:
There are chicks (YEAH!) waiting to be had.
Yeah, chicks with miniskirts and bleached hair.
Ooh, they think they bad.
And there are cakes waiting to be baked.
Yeah, chocolate cakes. My favorite
To give me a bellyache.
And if I weren't so doggone happy
I'd be just glad.
I should note that the "yeah" in the first line is kind of shouted. Sort of like Cookie Monster. And, as Yorrick Brown would say, it's not "Cookie the Monster." I have no memory of what band or singer is credited with that gem. I just know that I liked it and miss having it.

I was planning to copy the tape into the computer and burn it onto a CD (as I've done with a few of my records). But before I got around to it, my son (who was a toddler at the time) found my box of cassettes and decided that it would be fun to pull out all the tape. Aaaaargh!

I know it's a longshot, but if anyone who is reading this (OK, if anyone is reading this and) has any lead on a copy of the Ooh Ooh Music Happy Tape, or just the one song, I'd be ever so grateful.


  1. I had that tape too!!! Remember Happy Black Shoes?? In high school in the early 90's that tape inspired me and my friends to record our own happy tape. We wound up writing a dozen or so songs. Like you, I have lost my copy, but I thing I have one friend who saved one

    1. I'm just glad to have confirmation that the tape wasn't some long halucination. No, I don't remember "Haqppy Black Shoes." When I said that I remember nothing from the tape except "Just Glad," I meant it.

      So you and your friend both had the tape? Do you remember where it came from?

  2. Don't know the tape, don't know "Just glad" but the label is Ooh Ooh Music

    Happy Black Shoes comes from this tape:

    That's the Plastic Eye Miracle ‎– Gurgle Nervous

    See here: